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The lower mounts on many 145,146 & 155's have now almost rusted away but with the help of of Stuart Mansell of  Alfa Ragazzi we are now able to offer these stainless steel radiator mounts for -
Alfa Romeo 145/146/155 radiator lower mount - OEM part No. - 46559573
As you will know if you had one of these models for any length of time. The front wing support rusts away from the bottom up. To help over come this problem we are producing  reapir sections made from stainless steel. Simply cut off the old rotten section and repace with new. Ideally it would be weldied in place but you could use rivets, nuts and bolt or even self tapping screws to hold it in place if you wanted to.
Alfa Romeo 156/155/146/145 Front Wing Brace Repair Section