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If you have ever taken the front bumper off your GTV or Spider and taken it apart you will have noticed the clips which hold on the black grille sections. They usually break or are so rusty that they fall apart.
Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) front bumper grille sections retaining clips
This variation of the front radiator mount is meant for models fitted or want to fit full under trays (factory spec under trays). The mount comes with stainless steel replacement fixings (not shown the photo)
Alfa Romeo GTV & Spider (916) radiator lower mount for full under trays
Another item I believe Alfa do not offer anymore is the clip that holds the door lock cable onto the interior door handle - Part number 6 on the parts explosion drawing.
Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) Door Lock Cable Clip - 60583914  (Right Hand)
Rebuild parts for Alfa Romeo 916 GTV's and Spiders fitted with Brembo front brake calipers.
Alfa Romeo GTV Brembo Caliper Replacement Shims & Screws
Fitting a spoiler to the back of GTV's has become a popular upgarde so to help you fit your new spoiler or to replace an original spoiler after it or the boot lid have be resprayed we have put together this kit.
Alfa Romeo GTV spoiler fitting kit
Direct replacement for the original pipe 60556688 and 6059003 BUT in stainless steel  so it will never rust away again
Alfa Romeo 155 1.7, 1.8 & 2.0 8v Water Pipe P/N 60556688
Not much to say about this item. It is thet throttle body to intake manifold gasket. - 60629641
Alfa Romeo V6 Throttle Body Gasket - 2.5,3.0 and 3.2litre - 60629641
Not much to say about this item. It is the gasket for the thermostat housing - 60564093
Alfa Romeo V6 Thermostat Housing Gasket - 2.5,3.0 and 3.2litres - 60564093