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As you will know if you had one of these models for any length of time. The front wing support rusts away from the bottom up. To help over come this problem we are producing  reapir sections made from stainless steel. Simply cut off the old rotten section and repace with new. Ideally it would be weldied in place but you could use rivets, nuts and bolt or even self tapping screws to hold it in place if you wanted to.
Alfa Romeo 156/155/146/145 Front Wing Brace Repair Section
Just the thing for all you diesel engined Alfa drivers - A pair of plates so you can either black off your EGR valve completely keeping the EGR valve all clean and pristine or you can use the other plate to black off the other side of the valve. The choice is yours
EGR Valve blanking plates
Another part that seems difficult to find is the rubber cover that  goes over the front suspension strut and prevents dirt and grit getting into the top mount and ruining the bearing. As it is impossible to get hold of left hand strut mounts it seems like a small pricce to pay to ensure the ones you have got last as long as possible. Again we have been able to reverse engineer from a genuine part replicas which even have the original part number cast into them.
Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) Front Suspension Strut Cover - 60577812
Alfa's 916 Spiders suffer from a common problem where the electric roof fails to work as the top cover doesn't release. The reason is due to Alfa Romeo using a moulded plastic gear inside the motor for the top cover. These gears are poor quality and the teeth strip on them. If you can hear motor motor turning and it's not releasing the top cover, it's likely the teeth have stripped. You can't buy a replacement gear from Alfa Romeo you have to buy a whole new motor at a cost of £250+ and you will still end up with the same weak gear inside that will eventually break again.
Alfa Romeo Spider (916) Roof Motor 60630546/60621817 Replacement Gear
The original spindle found in these motors quite often shear. So to save you the expense of buying a whole new motor you can now just buy the spindle from us.
Alfa Romeo Spider (916) Roof Motor 60630546/60621817 Repair Spindle
If you have ever taken the front bumper off your GTV or Spider and taken it apart you will have noticed the clips which hold on the black grille sections. They usually break or are so rusty that they fall apart.
Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) front bumper grille sections retaining clips
This variation of the front radiator mount is meant for models fitted or want to fit full under trays (factory spec under trays). The mount comes with stainless steel replacement fixings (not shown the photo)
Alfa Romeo GTV & Spider (916) radiator lower mount for full under trays
Another item I believe Alfa do not offer anymore is the clip that holds the door lock cable onto the interior door handle - Part number 6 on the parts explosion drawing.
Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) Door Lock Cable Clip - 60583914  (Right Hand)
Rebuild parts for Alfa Romeo 916 GTV's and Spiders fitted with Brembo front brake calipers.
Alfa Romeo GTV Brembo Caliper Replacement Shims & Screws